We will deliver our products on time and in superior quality

We attach great importance not only to design of our figures, but also to reliability and timeliness of realised orders. We are aware that even the best product delivered after the deadline is a great loss for the client. Lost are not only the money spent on the product, but primarily the benefits the client could get were the products delivered on time.

To deliver our products on time we use modern production tools, such as LEAN MANUFACTURING and KAIZEN that allow us to cope with any challenge. Delivering our products on time is essentially important for us, as we know how important it is for you.

As vital as timeliness of every delivery is the quality of our products. Even if you get your delivery on time, it’s of no use if its quality is far from expected. Unfortunately, such a situation can be the case if a company realising your order uses the cheapest materials and components. At Clevair we demand from our suppliers as much as we demand from ourselves. We cooperate only with trusted suppliers and use modern production methods to prevent defects and errors.