About us

About Clevair

We specialize in custom made figures. These kinds of figures require a lot of imagination, proficiency in virtual sculpting, as well as skills in creating impressive textures. To make an impressive design you need excellent sense of colour and composition.

However, artistic ability itself is not enough. The company have to have an experienced production force as well. It’s the collaboration of the best graphics and experienced production employees which allows us to make our outstanding designs look even better in a real life. To achieve this effect, figures must not only be well-designed graphically, but also keep their shape, remain firm, have adequate compression and be durable.

People working with us have been shaping the inflatable figures industry almost from its beginnings in Poland. In our team we also have the best designers, production experts and organizational experts, which guarantees that we are ready to meet any challenge. The ultimate goal of our team is to exceed your expectations every time!